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Honestly ask yourself: How long have you been feeling unfulfilled in your career? How much longer are you willing to hold out? 

Now, fast forward to one year from today. Will anything in your life be significantly different?  

The answer: Only if you do something significantly different.  

Maybe this is that new thing you need to do.  

Everyday is a second chance to change your life. So, don’t wait. Start TODAY.  

We look forward to seeing you inside the Bold Career Move.

We know you aren’t looking to be sold- you don’t need to be because you already know that you are:  

  • at a career crossroads and unsure of your next step ..........
  •  suffering job burnout and its imact on your health and happiness.....
  •  feeling stuck in a soul-sucking job that isn’t you......
  •  lacking fulfilment in your career and work-life..... 
  •  wanting a career change but need some direction and guidance to make the transition from point 'A' to point 'B'....
  •  ready to make a bold career move without compromising your financial security of lifestyle....

Grace + Solonia here and, believe it or not, we’ve been in your shoes. We both have generous resumes with ample amounts of experience and could’ve been on the one-way street to corporate boredom. BUT we wanted passion + purpose AND we believe you do too. So, if you can handle two ladies who will be brutally honest with you about this career change adventure and help you create your dream work/life in the process… then welcome to this course.  

Hear from our past students...




"Make sure you find the ways to reach all the people that are in that period of transition and in need of change, because this is what they need."



"I feel so much more confident and energised and really excited about change, and ready to take action. Before I did the course I was so scared of doing anything different and now I feel really ready to go for it."



"You think you know yourself, as each of us thinks a lot about what we want life to be like, what we want from significant others, our job etc - but what I valued a lot about this program was that we dug deeper into who we really are, even if that was sometimes painful, but only that way you truly understand yourself and can grow from that. I also appreciated the importance placed onto how to articulate your aspirations, your values and your brand, as it is through communication - either in written or orally - that things become clear."



“It’s your life, it’s not going to be easy but it’s so important”



"This course has been great, Thanks Grace & Solonia. You guys have been wonderful. I feel like a 9/10 right now! I feel like I dodged a bullet, in Module 1 + 2, when we were looking at our jobs and why we were frustrated. I realised the frustration I had but I didn’t know what it was. This course really showed me where the frustration was, allowed me to name it and where the gaps were. That’s the bullet I felt I dodged! Being on this course was also very validating, because you see people who are loving their jobs, living the life and climbing the corporate life in the world - but being in this course was really comforting knowing that there are other people in this boat. It’s so real that there’s even a course about it, this course! Over the weeks it’s been very helpful not just in designing your life in terms of your career but in all aspects of your life, and it’s the direction of the future and how I really want to do it. I really loved it.


You are EXHAUSTED by your current corporate life and want to make a career + lifestyle shift without putting your livelihood (and sanity) at risk.   

The thought (or attempt) of a career change makes you want to hide under the covers and crawl back into your cubicle and pretend that passion + purpose aren’t calling your name.  

IF you don't fit these things, this course is NOT for you: 
(and we are okay with that!) 

  • You feel undervalued, underchallenged or uninspired in your current role.  
  • You’ve recently left a job and the pressure is ON to figure out your next step.    
  • You’re on the fence: Am I doing what is right for me, or should I change direction?    
  • You feel ‘stuck’ in the wrong career and uncertain about your alternative career options.
  • You’re tired of procrastinating, over thinking, daydreaming and imagining What if?    
  • You're overwhelmed by career possibilities and worry you'll make a bad choice.
  • You long to escape corporate convention and the pigeonhole of your narrowly defined career to do something completely different.  
  • You have multiple interests and talents and struggle to apply them to your career.    
  • You fear the risks involved with a career change / transition and lack the tools, guidance and support to start taking action.    
  • You’re ready to abandon everything you’ve been taught about making sound career decisions and follow a first-act-then-think process of repurposing your career.  

As seen in...

  • BBC
  • Sassy Mama
  • Honeycombers
  • Fox News
  • Forbes

Here are the facts...

>> Career Change Is The New Normal

The stats show the average person will:

Make a career change approx 5 - 7 times during their working life.   

Due to a increasing number of different career choices about 1/3 of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months.  

By the age of 42 you will probably already have had about ten jobs.

>> Career Change Is A Journey

The key to a successful journey is:  

time + dedication + patience + hard work  

The key to completing the journey is: 

Finding the resources + support that can walk you through the emotional Highs/Lows


We have to be brave enough to take the risk, make the mistake, and keep pushing pass the crossroads.

Embrace and thrive in uncharted territory. 

CHOOSE to follow YOUR Passion  

Because, in today’s constantly changing world, the ability to adapt and reinvent ourselves is more important than ever.

Our hope is to give you every reason to feel POSITIVE and EXCITED about dreaming BIG, being BOLD, and starting your journey WITH US! 



Here's some truth...

(Even though you already know it’s time to make big moves!)

You can live your life and love your career.

The choice is yours...  

Only 2% of people in the world actually live out their “Dream Life” while 98% just dream through life.     

Your FIRST step is to decide: I WILL be the 2%  

We know because we ARE the 2%    

 And so are SO many wonderful people we’ve worked with!


How to guarantee a successful career change.

Step by Step Plan




We’ve been there. Caught up in the busyness of life, in our own heads, and standing at a crossroads - it’s easy to throw up your hands, accept the status quo and find temporary relief in choosing to do nothing.

The struggle is real. We’re here to help.

Out of all the courses why THIS one?

It's time to ditch the formulas and get real, individualised support.

Confidently Create Your Bold Career Move is the ONLY online program for career change designed to help you define your core values, determine your priorities and discover the perfect career FOR YOU.  

We PROMISE that when you wrap up this self-paced course, you will not only have the momentum you need to maintain your new career but you will also have the confidence and courage to take your completed first phase of career transition into the next phase of success.  

You'll also get exclusive access to personalised support from Grace + Solonia, collective intelligence from an initmate cohort of like-minded people going the journey with you, and a closed Facebook Mastermind Group of Career Shifters  

But the proof is always in the pudding. If completing the course doesn’t allow you to do any one of the following things, we’ll refund 100% of our payment. That’s a promise



Amreen Rahman


"This course really helped me to understand my skills, I got so much guidance from Grace and Solonia on my resume, on how to improve my cover letters. And generally doing this course helped me to break out of my myopic view of looking at my career. I no longer believe that I have to stick to design (just because that is what I've always done). I'm excited to explore all the other possibilities out there."

So, What's In The Pudding?

  • New insights

    New personal insights to how your career has shaped your strengths, interests and aspirations.

  • Have clarity

    Define what you really want from your Life/Work and know your next steps.

  • Career Story

    Tell your career story with clarity of where you are on your journey and where you want to go.

  • Communicate your skillset

    Effectively communicate your unique strengths, experience and transferable skill set.

  • Breakthrough fears and barriers

    Know what's stopping you and the tools to transform any fear or challenge into an opportunity.

  • Set goals

    Learn how to set goals, stay focused, and get shit done - no more excuses, procrastinating, or wasting time.

  • New Habits

    Start to build better routines, productivity habits and decision-making skills to thrive in transition.

  • Networking + Storytelling

    Develop your own style and practice of networking, storytelling and advocating yourself.

  • Roadmap

    Create an actionable plan to ‘pilot’ your ideas and validate your interests before making your bold move - cut down anxiety and feel confident in your decision to pivot your career.


Between the two of us, we've hopped across more than 10 jobs, straddled 15 industries/sectors, done the corporate stint, freelancing gigs, hit burnout - bounced back - took the sabbatical, launched an idea, evolved it into a business, and made plenty of nearly-fatal mistakes along the way.

Basically, we've been there, done that, and wrote the course to do it better.

We're multi-hyphenated 'Changepreneurs' who started on conventional career paths before deciding to carve our own, from scratch. We weren't fed with silver spoons or bred to be entrepreneurs: we're boot-strapping self-starters, driven by purposeful work, learning by doing and reinventing our best selves everyday. 

If you’d like to see a snippet of our resumes:  

Grace Clapham
Co-Founder The Change School

Grace has never been one to fit the mold of a traditional career path,  always a multi-hyphenate and multi-passionate, Grace started her career working part-time at as a retail sales staff at a cult brand called Gorman. At the same time she worked part time modelling and occasionally doing some freelancing PR & Marketing in Melbourne, Australia .   

Pretty quickly from there, Grace took on a full time role at Gorman as Retail Manager and over the next 4 years her career change happened internally at the company, from Retail Manager to Marketing & Public Relations, then finally to Sales & Marketing Manager.  Through her time at Gorman, Grace learnt the ins and outs of running and growing a business - but most importantly developed a well rounded set of skills that to this day has served her well.    

After nearly 5 years at Gorman, in 2008, Grace embarked on her own path and has never gone back to working for someone else….    

Her journey so far has consisted of: 

  •  Setting up a pop up and boutique fashion events company Sloane Elizabeth Robertson with an old school friend, bringing in the latest fashion brands from across the globe. Eventually spinning off into a group buying site.  
  • Building and running boutique agency Agent Grace where she focused on business strategy, brand management and marketing within the Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Social Entrepreneurship and Creative sectors (Grace still works on a more advisory and coaching basis these days)  
  • Lecturing at various institutes in Singapore on Brand Management, Marketing and E-commerce.
  • Community building for creatives, innovators and women entrepreneurs -  CreativeMornings Singapore, SheSays Singapore and Secret {W} Business and TEDxSingapore. 
  • Various public speaking gigs with her most prominent ones being, SXSW 2013, where she spoke on Co-Creation By Design: Asia, Women & Innovation and at TEDxAuckland 2016.  
  • Winning the global Inspirational Leadership Award judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak  
  • Awarded the CMO Asia for Leadership Excellence Award as one of Asia's 50 Women Leaders.
  • And….finally setting up The Change School after having her own moment of pivotal change when her father passed away and she wanted a career with more meaning.   

Solonia Teodros
Co-Founder The Change School

Solonia’s creative career journey began when she finally decided to leave her role at Harvard’s Global Health Research Institute and move to New York - with little more than a dream to live and work among the creatives, hustlers and entrepreneurs of the ‘big apple’.  

From 2005 - 2008 her body of work comprised of...   Product design, sourcing and supply chain management for FMCG and hospitality brands   Studio management, media relations and talent scouting for an international photographer   Brand marketing, public relations and business development for local designers in fashion, swimwear, homeware and jewellery/accessories    

Taking a cue from the Wall Street crisis in 2008, she decided to move (back) to Asia and spent the first year as a digital nomad - honing her transferrable skills to do freelance projects in different regional markets. From 2008 - 2013 she quickly transitioned from the corporate world to a path of entrepreneurship and continued to build her body of work through...  

  • Corporate PR freelance projects with a boutique financial advisory in Hong Kong  
  • Brand marketing and CSR consulting for a portfolio of public & private sector clients with a global PR agency
  • Strategic planning, digital marketing and project management for local corporations and SMEs   
  • Building ground-up community initiatives and Singapore chapters of global movements such as the Worldwide Feast and Social Good Summit  
  • Conference and event planning for regional business leader networks  
  • Design Thinking training, facilitation and programming for local schools and educators 
  • Setting up a boutique advisory (SolWorks) to help businesses amplify their mission and impact  
  • Co-conspiring with long-time friend Grace Clapham to create The Change School - a culmination of her passions, strengths and diverse experience aimed at helping people to find their calling and create meaningful careers that are aligned to their values, talents and personal vision. 

Together, Grace + Solonia have been on the stage of TEDxAuckland (2017) to inspire more purpose-driven changemakers to Step Up to Global Citizenship as well as receiving Asia’s 50 Women Leaders - Leadership Excellence award (2016) from CMO Asia and World Brand Congress, and the Global Training & Development Leadership Award (2017) from the World Training & Development Congress. The two of them frequent the public speaking stage as ambassadors of change and inspiration looking to ignite a life of passion + purpose in the world.

What we're saying is...


Proof that career change is possible and likely to happen more than once in the lifetime of your career.

And we have the experience + tools to get you on the track to your dream work/life! 

The best path to success is to walk in the footsteps of those who have paved the way before you.

Its for the CLARITY and PEACE of mind to get you started on your Career Change journey.

This course is full of every resource + motivation + strategy you need to begin.  

Here’s what you’re going to clarify + develop through this course:


    Defining what inspires you at a core level - what you really want from your life and career.


    What your experiences have equipped you for (both personally + professionally). Defining success + fulfilment and using that as a map for your journey.


    Discover your motivators + make sense of where you’ve been and where you’re going and ultimately your purpose + passion.


    Unblocking your barriers and turning your fears into fuel for positive momentum. Ultimately empowering you to get up and get shit done.


    Identifying your core values and aligning your career possibilities + ideas in order to uncover the type of work you love.


    Aligning your career assets + aspirations + possibilities to craft a career narrative that speaks to the value you bring.


    Design + Create + Implement a personalised and detailed action plan that charts your immediate next steps and next meaningful milestones to take your career to the next level and make your bold career dreams a reality.

Here’s how the program will get you results:

  • A Proven System Tailored To Your Goals:

    This program is highly structured to start where you are and chart your next career phase + maximising available resources + leveraging your transferable skills + de-risking your transition without compromising your lifestyle or financial security.

  • Lifetime Members Access:

    All course modules + materials will be available in our members platform.

  • Career Success Resources

    Downloadable tools, templates, tips and tricks to fail-proof your career transition. Highly structured + actionable homework, cheat sheets, tip sheets and checklists to help you stay on track.

Make your career move in just 30 days!

What are you waiting for?

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  • 00Seconds
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In this first phase, you will be guided through a reflective process of looking back on your career journey to understand what’s worked, what didn’t, and what your experiences have taught you about yourself, your core values, and the type of work that fulfils you.  

Course curriculum



    A powerful and coherent statement that tells the story of your career journey, the intentions for your change/transition, and the aspirations behind who you are becoming.


    A summary of your unique traits, transferrable skill set, work experience and ‘ideal job’ description that positions you for the opportunities you want.

  • Your TRIBE

    A strategy and practice for continuously building and nurturing your tribe of supporters, challengers, peers and working relationships to keep moving forward.

  • New HABITS

    A system of structured practices and techniques for managing your time and productivity effectively, and staying motivated and accountable throughout your career transition.


    A comprehensive, step-by-step plan that maps out your journey into small + attainable + actionable steps.

Your Investment

Get started today!


  • When does this course start?

    Bold LIGHT starts immediately. As soon as you sign up and pay you'll get your login details.

  • What's the difference between the Bold LIGHT and the Bold LIVE?

    The BOLD LIGHT allows you to access the course immediately and move through the 5 modules and workbooks and worksheets at your own pace. BOLD LIVE, the modules are released weekly over the 5 weeks and you also have 5 weeks of Group Coaching with Grace + Solonia, a closed private support group, personalised feedback, a 360 Assessment and report and several other added bonuses and perks.

  • What happens after I sign up and pay?

    You'll get an email with your login details and you can get started immediately.

  • How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

    If you purchase the BOLD LIGHT program you can move through it as quickly or as slowly as you like and really depends on how much time you're able to dedicate or how fast you'd like to make that career change. If you're joining us for the BOLD LIVE then we recommend you set aside 2 - 4 hours a week to go through the program worksheets, cheatsheets and implement any of the suggested assignments. There is however no right or wrong amount of time because you’ll have lifetime access to the program and all future updates!

  • How is this course different from other career change courses - or getting a career coach - other than the cost value?

    What sets this program apart from so many other online courses out there is the emphasis on minimising the risks involved with your bold career move. This 5-wk system is designed to help equip you with all the tools, guide you through the foundational stages of your career transition, and help you to create a pilot plan that you can execute without leaving your job or taking any big decisions prematurely.

  • How much access do I get to Grace & Solonia and The Change School Team? Do I get support throughout?

    If you purchase the BOLD LIGHT version you won't have access to Grace and Solonia as this is a self-paced course. If you purchase the BOLD LIVE version, yes, you will have support throughout and you will have access to Grace & Solonia through the private Facebook group and group coaching. Grace and Solonia, along with the Change School Team will be there to answer your questions, help motivate you through, guide you through the “homework” and also give you feedback on the work you put in.

  • How do I know if this is for me?

    If you are someone who is committed to designing a career that uses your gifts, fills your purpose and allows you more freedom and happiness. > You feel undervalued, under-challenged or a lack of meaning in your current role. > You’ve recently left a job and the pressure is ON to figure out your next step. > You’re on the fence: Am I doing what is right for me, or should I change direction? > You feel ‘stuck’ in the wrong career and uncertain about your next step. > You’re tired of procrastinating, over thinking, daydreaming and imagining What if? > You’re overwhelmed by career possibilities and worry you’ll make a bad choice. > You long to escape corporate convention and the pigeonhole of your narrowly defined career to do something completely different. > You have multiple interests and talents and struggle to apply them to your career. > You fear the risks involved with career change / transition and lack the tools, guidance and support to start taking action. > You’re ready to abandon everything you’ve been taught about making sound career decisions and follow a first-act-then-think process of repurposing your career.

  • What if I’m not in a career/ job right now, is this suitable?

    Definitely! The course is designed to help you start from where you are and move you in the direction of your next career chapter. It is suitable for anyone at a career crossroads, in a career transition, or thinking about a career change. You don’t have to be in a job, but you must be committed to putting in the work to make change happen.

  • I’ve never taken an online course or program, how does this work?

    Don’t worry, if you’ve never taken an online training program - as it’s EASY to get online and learn with us. If you purchase the Bold Light version, all of the sessions are ready and waiting for you in our online platform. As soon as you pay you'll receive an email with your username + password. Simply login and get started! If you are joining us for the BOLD LIVE course, you will get a username + password via email within a minute of enrolling, sharing the links for both our membership platform and our weekly LIVE group coaching sessions. Each week a new module is released over the 5 weeks, followed by our weekly LIVE Group Coaching sessions. If you miss the LIVE group coaching sessions we will record it and it will be available on our private membership site with 24 hours. Simply login and get access.